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  • content management
  • e-commerce
  • inventory control
  • tech consulting
  • idea evolution

define: invexi

Invexi \ĭn-vĕks-î\
Noun, from Latin inveho "to convey." Early 21c.
"web development, design and consulting to suit your needs."

Our people are unique. They are passionate. They are geeks. They are revolutionaries. They are intelligent. They are rational. They are tacticians. What they don't know, they learn. What they learn, they apply.

As individuals and collectively as a professional entity, it is important to know what drives you, what makes you tick, what you wake up every day to live for. We have found that four key motivators exist above the others which drives Invexi. Profit, both yours and ours alike, Pride in our work, care for the Reputation our work earns us, and Advancement through innovation. Invexi was founded upon our desire to produce work for profit with pride according to our unique philosophy.

Development With Purpose

We take interest in your success because it is the key to ours. Together we can devise a solution that meets your budget and most importantly, your demands.

Whether the scale is massive or minuscule, Invexi delivers sites and systems on a skeleton/framework that we have engineered using open source technologies. Knowing the devil is in the details, we give every aspect careful consideration in order to avoid surprises.

Our framework's capacity to address your specific needs is endless, but our focus is clear: Your success. Applying proven conventions and standards alongside innovative strategies, Invexi creates value that is unsurpassed.

Our capabilities cover a coordinated set of disciplines, for virtually any project:

  • Web Solutions (Web design, SEO, CMS, CRM, etc.)
  • Blogs, Wikis, Microsites, Shopping Carts
  • Content Generation Services
  • Custom Software Solutions or Maintenance
  • Database Management & Support
  • 3rd Party Service Intergration
  • E-Commerce Store Design or Management

Content Management System (CMS)

The backbone of a dynamic website. Not every website is the same, so our tailor-made open source solution allows for easy updates and management of your website.

Customer Relation Management (CRM)

Looking for a centralized system that can help manage your clients to yield better customer satisfaction; more value from existing clients; and more profit? A CRM is your solution.


When your conduct business online, the experience you customer has is important. Whether you are building your first e-commerce solution or expanding your existing e-commerce vehicle, Invexi has the solution that is right for you.

Custom Applications

When your needs are specific, we can answer the call. We will apply our same principled development approach to develop the effective solution you need.

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