Best Shared Workspaces in Phoenix

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Phoenix might not  be on the top of national lists for startup environments but over the past couple years the valley of the sun has become something of a Silicon desert. With that we’ve seen the growth of collaborative work spaces where fledgling entrepreneurs can grow their businesses and networks.  Here are the best shared work spaces in the greater Phoenix metro area.


Located in the heart of downtown Scottsdale, DeskHub has only been on the scene for less than a year but they’ve already carved out a niche within the tech community. Boasting over 17,000 square feet of space, DeskHub has the facilities to accommodate several hundred members with a focus on collaboration.

With competitive monthly rates and a bevy of events hosted within the facility,  DeskHub is an ideal space to foster small business and grow your network. Outside of Scottsdale, DeskHub has locations in Atlanta, Salt Lake City, and San Diego.


Occupying a small workspace in Downtown Phoenix. CO+HOOTS features a bevy of accommodations where members can network, share resources and grow their businesses.

Outside of the day-to-day minutia CO+HOOTS offers weekly events including workshops, guest speakers and happy hours to foster a community mentality. Amenities are bountiful with an on-site coffee shop, conference rooms, private phone booths and, of course, commercial broadband WI-FI.


Housed in the first two stories of a high-rise in central Phoenix. MOD features a modern office layout with a focus on youthful creative energy. Unlike the other workspaces on this list MOD’s business model features a pay-as-you-go system where members can either purchase a monthly membership or simply pay for the time they have spent at MOD.  In addition to the hip enviroment, MOD boasts a cafe, kitchen and full service bar for when those long days turn into happy hours.


Gangplank is the first coworking space in the Phoenix area to really make a splash. A place for creators, Gangplank provides the social and physical infrastructure for small business to grow and collaborate with like minded individuals.  Gangplank focuses on community development as well as business to create an educational environment for businesses to thrive and grow our city.

McKinley Clubmckinley club

Ok, so full disclosure, Invexi actual shares the same office complex as McKinley Club. That being said, Mckinley Club is growing to become a premiere shared workspace in the heart of Downtown Phoenix. Featuring a bevy of community activists and professionals alike McKinley Club provides a collaborative enviroment for traditional businesses with a focus on community development. With a beer on tap and weekly events McKinley is growing into quite the place to meet like-minded individuals and expand your network.

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