Social Media Outlook

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The integration of social media has grown to become a staple of modern web development, invaluable as a marketing tool when utilized effectively. The social movement has pushed businesses to expand their web presence by engaging their audiences like never before, but only a small percentage of these companies are finding any real success. Just where is everyone falling short?

Simply participating in the social media game isn’t enough to for those looking to get ahead. Sure, it’s nice to be noticed but the ultimate goal is to turn your audience of followers into paying customers. No one can convert their fans without several compelling reasons.

Perhaps the worst and most common offense within the realm of social media is lifeless content. This comes in many forms, whether through weak text & visuals or an overall lack of updates. If an audience is viewing the same page every week, what’s driving them to return in the future?  The key is generating discussion, spurring viewers to not only engage the brand but each other as well. More compelling content gives your branch of social media a chance to secure more eyeballs.

Calls-to-Action are strong methods of engagement, provided they’re free of convoluted information. Offers and promotions may prove effective in growing your base, be sure to emphasize overall clarity to maximize the output. The rule of thumb is to simplify, create calls-to-action in minimalist fashion that are seemingly effortless for your respective audience.

The web doesn’t run on patience. Users looking for content are ideally looking for instantaneous results. Avoid the red tape with your social media approach, promote open participation. Navigating to the important elements of your content and promotions should be seamless, encouraging ease of access.

There’s no winning formula for the perfect social media model. Ultimately, it’s unique character & content that sets your brand apart. Start thinking outside the box!

Externalities: Cost of Development

Outside of the cost of design and development, the literal coding/creation of a website there are many secondary cost associated with your online presence. Most