The Personal is Profit

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Sadly, no one cares about your inflatable wacky arm-flailing tube man atop your store, no matter how good your sale is.

Over the past few years, marketing has changed rapidly; the same old stand-by techniques might be, or have started to fail. Paper advertisements get tucked safely into boxes labeled “shred” or “recycle” and those wonderful pop-up ads can be disabled with a few clicks.

So what does the forecast for marketing look like in the not too distant future? Personal. For instance, if you use a keyword like “candy,” modern advertisers understand that you might never be noticed on searches by Google, because of the sheer volume of candy related sites. Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies can market themselves as more of a niche market, like “vegan chocolate candy.”

People who are going to be searching for vegan chocolate candy will be more apt to make a purchase since they are searching for something so specific. If they searched for just “candy,” it might be just to browse; they’re probably not looking to make an immediate purchase.  The targeted audience might be ready with their wallet open! The more happily satisfied vegan-chocolate-loving customers you have, the more organic your traffic will be. Friends will tell friends, blog about it, tweet about it—which in turn will help your overall page rank.

There are countless SEO strategies, some of which can be quite risky, so make sure to do careful research into what you are doing. Or hire out a professional web company that can give you safer and quicker results than doing all the work yourself. All we ask is that you just stop the talking pop-up ads; no one likes those–not even the inflatable wacky arm-flailing tube man.

Externalities: Cost of Development

Outside of the cost of design and development, the literal coding/creation of a website there are many secondary cost associated with your online presence. Most